A lot rode on the outcome of Saturday’s college-football game between the No. 9-ranked Michigan State Spartans and No. 3-ranked The Ohio State Buckeyes. A win for either program would have made the victor a favorite to appear in their athletic conference’s title game—the Big Ten Championship, which will be held in Indianapolis in early December—and also in the four-team College Football Playoff, which helps determine the national champion.

But those two things were minor compared to something else that hinged on the outcome: two bottles of top-notch vino, as set in a bet between NBA superstars LeBron James (an Ohio native) and Draymond Green (a Michigan State alum).

Bleacher Report‘s Uninterrupted platform acted as the mediator between the two. The first video it debuted shows Green calling out James for the bet.

The platform then confirmed the bet was on with a tweeted video.


Green also confirmed, and then elaborated on what was at stake.


Unfortunately for LeBron, Ohio State—to put it nicely—sh*t the bed last night, losing 17-14 on a last-second field goal but getting thoroughly outclassed by the Spartans on both sides of the ball through all four quarters.

Green not only tweeted out that he’d just won, but even gloated on video.

You have to love college-football season. It brings out the best in all of us.