Turns out your coffee addiction might actually be great for you. According to the New York Times, a new study has found that drinking coffee daily is “associated with a reduced risk of dying from heart disease and certain other causes.” The researchers—led by Dr. Ming Ding of the Harvard School of Public Health—followed more than 200,000 nurses and doctors for nearly 30 years, which means this study started before Drake was even born.

All of the participants in the study had to undergo periodic physical exams and fill out questionnaires about their diet habits, including questions about their coffee intake. The results, even after controlling for age, alcohol consumption, weight, and other health factors, is great news for regular coffee drinkers—as long as they do not smoke.


Compared to non-smokers who did not drink coffee, those who drank a cup a coffee a day had a six percent “reduced risk of death.” That number jumped to eight percent if a person drank one to three cups. For those who downed three to five cups per day, there is a 12 percent reduced risk. Whether or not the coffee was caffeinated had no effect on the outcome.

But if you are a smoker, there were no obvious benefits, likely due to the fact that “death from smoking-related causes overwhelms the positive effect of coffee drinking.” The study is also not a valid excuse to start guzzling pumpkin spice lattes and caramel Frappuccinos because they are packed with not-so-health-friendly amounts of sugar.

Unfortunately for those who prefer to wake and bake with their brew, the study did not look at the effects of weed-spiked coffee. So, for now, enthusiasts might want to take it easy with THC-infused coffee pods and marijuana-infused cold brew.

[via NYT]