It’s craft beer, remixed, when Z-Trip heads to Dogfish Head’s Milton, DE headquarters on this week’s episode of First We Feast Presents…That’s Odd, Let’s Drink It.”

The world-class DJ and producer has collaborated with boldface artists like LL Cool J and Public Enemy in the past, but for this meeting of minds he teams up with brewmaster Sam Calagione to create a crazy collision of music and beer.

With a crate of Z’s favorite culinary ingredients—including red chilies, ginger, fenugreek, and coconut—the duo concocts an off-the-cuff recipe by running a simple Belgian-style witbier through Randall the Enamel Animal: a double-chamber filter that brewers can use to instantaneously infuse a beer with different flavors.

Z_Sam_DFHOnce they’ve got their remixed witbier dialed in, Sam and Z decide to crank their collabo to 11 by testing a mad-brewer’s theory—often associated with Teo Musso of Italy’s trailblazing Baladin—that playing music to yeast can actually affect the way it ferments.

“It’s like my own Coachella of yeast,” says Z-Trip before he hops on his decks for a beer-inspired remix of his new track with Brillz, “808 in the Trunk.”

Watch the full episode above to see how Z-Trip and Sam create the ultimate beer remix.

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