American Airlines is stepping up its wine game and serving passengers pours from $850 bottles of wine. To celebrate its inaugural flight from Sydney to Los Angeles, flight attendants are passing out glasses of 2010 Penfolds Grange Shiraz, a very pricey red. The bottles—which are collectable—have received top ratings from multiple wine critics.

American Airlines’ wine consultant Ken Chase (yes, that is a real job) notes in a statement: “Penfolds Grange is the epitome of Australian wine royalty and a heritage icon of South Australia, so we’re treating first class passengers to an unparalleled experience in the sky.” Sorry plebs in economy, you’re still stuck with those mini bottles of cheap wine for your 14-hour flight.

The airline is certainly not the first company to upgrade its inflight beverage offerings. Not only are airlines taking their meal game to the next level, but drink options now include everything from craft beer to drip coffee, making sitting next to the snoring man and behind a screaming baby just a little more bearable.  

United Airlines


Drink Offering: Moscow Mules

United Airlines is now selling pre-batched bottled Moscow Mules by mixologist Charles Joly’s Craft House Cocktails. Made with ginger beer, vodka, lime juice, and cane sugar, the drink unfortunately does not come with a traditional copper mug. However, it’s a classier option than a little bottle of vodka poured into that complementary Coke. The airline has also added Goose Island Beers to its beverage carts. (Photo: Instagram/DrinkCraftHouse)



Drink Offering: Craft Beer

A number of Delta flights now feature beers from not one, but seven different craft breweries. Passengers can choose between beverages from brewers like Lagunitas, Brooklyn Brewery, Stone Brewing Company, SweetWater Brewery, and more. All domestic flights also now offer Samuel Adams. While it isn’t the most prolific of beers — it’s definitely better than a Bud Light 35,000 feet in the air. The airline has upgraded its coffee offerings too and now serves Starbucks onboard. (Photo: Facebook/Delta, Stone Brewing) 

Jet Bluehe

Drink Offering: Rosé

JetBlue is the first U.S. airline to offer rosé aboard an airplane, which is surprising considering how popular the pink wine is. Now passengers can sip Lioco Indica 2014 rosé all the way to their destination, while also dining on new snacks designed by NYC restaurant Saxon + Parole. (Photo: Facebook/Delta

Asiana Airlines


Drink Offering: Drip Coffee

The South Korean airliner is now serving drip coffee in first and business class on many of its flights. The service is done by flight attendants who are also trained baristas and customers are able to choose between a number of speciality coffee beans that have been selected based on how they taste on an airplane. (Photo: Asiana Airlines)

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