If you’re still drinking Beck’s instead of the millions of amazing craft beers available all over the country, well, that’s on you.

But here’s a consolation prize: If you bought Beck’s between 2011 and today, you can get a $0.50 refund for every six-pack you purchased. 


Why? Turns out, Beck’s is brewed in the good ole USA (just like Miller and Coors) and not in Bremen, Germany as many Beck’s drinkers were lead to believe.

After a class action lawsuit was filed in Miami, the court decided those misguided souls who thought the beer was brewed in Germany deserved a little reward for being deceived. According to CNN, Beck’s drinkers are entitled to a refund of up to $50 if they kept their receipt at point-of-purchase. Receipt hoarders, rejoice.

If you can’t find your receipts but still want some extra cash, the U.S. Court system has your back. Those who do have have proof of purchase can still redeem up to a $12 reimbursement.

A spokeswoman for the lawsuit explains,

“The settlement is structured to provide relief to consumers regardless of whether they kept receipts, while at the same time setting caps to guard against the potential of inflated claims.”

Beck’s was founded in Germany in 1873, but the brewery production was moved to St. Louis in 2012—a decision that would save the company $9 million annually in transportation costs.

Unfortunately, it looks like that savings on transportation might not have been completely worth it, seeing as those who filed the lawsuit against Beck’s will receive $3.5 million in the settlement.

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