Stone Cold Steve Austin is a man of large muscles and simple tastes. And he doesn’t have time for your fancy-pants bulls*#t coffee drinks—especially when he’s waiting at the airport.

Stone Cold

(Photo: Instagram/Steve Austin)

TMZ recently caught up with Stone Cold while he was enjoying a hot caffeinated beverage, and inquired how he takes his morning joe. The answer? A regular coffee with cream and three Splendas. (Splenda 3:16?)

He went on to recount a recent unpleasant incident he had at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, when he was trying to get a cup of coffee:

“There was a line of about four people… and they was ordering all the complicated bulls*#t drinks. All you need from Starbucks is a large coffee with room for cream… End of story.”

Now, maybe Stone Cold is just a subscriber to the mantra of “elegance through simplicity.” Or maybe this whole coffee-centric phobia is the result of a traumatic incident like, say, this one:

Either way, if you find yourself at an airport Starbucks and Stone Cold is in line behind you, you better not even think about getting that Double Caramel Macchiato with super foamy milk and and extra shot. Just get a Venti drip and keep moving.

And that’s the bottom line. Because Stone Cold said so.

[Via TMZ]