A rogue cow notorious for roaming the streets of New Hartford and Utica, New York has finally been captured. The 1,500-pound champion was successfully able to avoid police capture and live freely for months before its captivity.

The cow was first brought to the town’s attention after it was spotted hanging out at Moe’s Southwest Grill at 5am in June. Since then, the police departments in both cities have tried multiple times to catch the animal using various methods that include headlock feeders.

On Monday, WKTV reported that police were at a loss. Authorities could not sucessfully capture the animal and were looking into seeking help elsewhere.

With the safety of the public at risk, Utica Police Spokesperson Lt. Steve Hauck explains,

“We don’t have the ability to tranquilize this animal.  One, we don’t have the training and there’s very specific regulations on who can carry those and  how to use them, so we’re very limited at what we can do stop this animal.  We don’t have the ability to trap it, so what I would ask is that if there is someone out there that does have the ability to either trap this thing or transport it, or take it, please step forward.”

Fortunately for the police, two people who consider themselves to be “professional cowboys” stepped up to take care of the cow situation. After following the animal for over two hours, the men were able to corral her before beginning the search to find her a new home.

The owner of the cow will have up to 30 days to claim the cow before she will be rewarded to the wranglers as a gift for their efforts.

Captured or not, this cow will forever go down in history as a bovine hero.

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