European news publication The Local reports that a missing cat in Germany snuck out of its owner’s house, found his way into a wine cellar, and later ended up at the vet’s office hooked up to an IV. The cat’s diagnosis? Life-threatening alcohol poisoning.

Aljosha, the six-year-old Turkish Angora cat, was found after an exhausting search by his owner, Claudia von Buren. Buren explains, “He would always come home at midday.” But on that day, Aljosha didn’t come home. There was no sign of him the following day, either.

The cat allegedly drank 40 Euro worth of Riesling while partying for seven week in the neighbor’s wine cellar. Because Aljosha had no access to water, the poor guy had no other choice but to resort to drinking the only liquid available.

This isn’t to say that us humans don’t encounter the same problem after work when deciding whether to: a) make a b-line to the closest CVS to buy a bottle of water, or b) head to the nearest dive bar for $5 beer-and-shot happy hour. No judgement.

In other very strange cat-wine news, a Japanese company called B&H Lifes has developed a wine designed specifically for your cat. According to Time, you can get a bottle of Nyan Nyan Nouveau for 399 yen (only $4). The “wine” doesn’t contain any alcohol, and is made mostly with Cabernet grapes spiked with catnip. The company is only producing a limited amount of bottles, but while it’s available, Nyan Nyan Nouveau should help deter your feline from becoming a copy-cat after this story goes viral.

[via The Local]