Here’s a fact: Blue Moon—which most consumers think of as ‘craft beer’—is actually brewed by the world’s second largest brewer, MillerCoors. That news didn’t sit well with suds consumers, who felt miffed by the idea that America’s beer titan was allegedly masquerading as a small operation.

If you recall, back in April, San Diego beer frinker Evan Parent sued macro-brewery MillerCoors for falsely advertising its Blue Moon brand as a craft beer. According to The Brewers Association, a craft brewery by definition is a small, independent brewer that produces less than six million barrels per year. MillerCoors is none of these things. (Note: the BA definition isn’t legally binding).

Based on the definition, Parent thought he had the perfect case against: He believed the major brewery should not be allowed to market its product under false pretenses.

However, it looks as though the court system disagrees. Last week, a federal judge shut down Parent’s lawsuit, explaining that there are no regulations against a major brewery passing off as a small, independent one.

According to Fox News, MillerCoors claims that “no reasonable consumer” could have been under the impression that it was “hiding” under a craft brew label. The company explains that it explicity states its ownership of Blue Moon on the bottle’s label and online.

In the meantime, the judge has allowed for Parent to revise his claim, so MillerCoors is not quite off the hook yet.

[via Fox News]