It goes without saying that the alcohol-fueled exploits of rappers are nothing short of notorious. Some of our culture’s greatest odes to boozing come from emcees and hip-hop–savvy singers. And were you to harbor any doubts about their credentials, go ahead and type the name of any liquor into Genius’ lyrics database and see the results stack up.

From a group that’s so accustomed to poppin’ bottles, it’s also safe to assume that rappers know a thing or two about beating a hangover. Therefore, we’ve sifted through some of our favorite rappers’ rhymes to discover how they recover after a night in the club. While your most people swear time is the only thing to cure your aches and pains, we’re more apt to believe that weed and greasy-as-hell food—as recommended by spitters like Curren$y and Drake—would do us better.

Always keep accessories and aspirin on hand at all times.

Rapper: Kanye West
Lyric: “Sunglasses and Advil, last night was mad real”
Track: “No Church in the Wild”

Kanye West opened his and Jay Z’s epic 2011 joint album, Watch The Throne, with this practical bit of advice about how to handle the morning after an epic night out on the town. Sure, Yeezy and Hova went on to melt hip-hop fans’ minds with the rest of the gaudy, over-the-top LP, but this bit of low-key wisdom remains WTTs most sensible assertion. Sunglasses? Advil? Thanks for the pro-tip, ‘Ye.

Greasy, fatty food works wonders.

Rapper: Drake
 “I cook the beef well done on a double with cheese”
Track: “6 p.m. in New York”

Perhaps no one in rap knows the morning after better than Drake. Hell, one could argue his sophomore album, Take Care, is just one long drunk dial. The line above, however, doesn’t come from that LP; it’s off his latest mixtape, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. A juicy, thick double cheeseburger (perhaps best embodied by the bun-and-patty combo whipped up at In-N-Out) is the perfect thing to sop up that extra booze.

Wash down the burger with a joint and a Jones Soda.

Rapper: Curren$y 
 “Come through with that killer weed/Alfred Hitchcock in the Zip Lock/Zig Zags and a Jones Soda/Let shorty twist one up for the pit stop”
Track: “The Hangover (Ft. Mikey Rocks)”

This late album cut off Curren$y’s Pilot Talk album lays out not only Spitta’s life ethos, but also an early-afternoon game plan for any hungover partier. Once the Ibuprofen and burger’s been downed, squad up and procure a potent bag of weed for a cruise around town. Top it all off with a Jones Soda and begin the recovery flourish.

Dire hangovers call for more desperate solutions.

Rapper: Snoop Dogg
“Waking and baking, shaking the fleas/Caking and baking, raking the cheese/Early in the morning in the bathroom on my knees,”
Track: “Hangover”

We apologize that we have to subject you to a Psy-past-his-prime Snoop track, but the Doggfather offers a valid method for battling off a severe hangover: throwing up. His last verse on this forgettable cut comes in two parts. The first is a similar solution to Curren$y’s (“waking and baking”); however, when all else fails, praying to the porcelain God is just as practical as taking Advil or downing a burger. How can you lose when there’s nothing left in your system? Shouts out Snoop for axing the stigma.

If all else fails, just pick up where you left off.

Rapper: Jadakiss
“Now I don’t remember nothing/Yesterday was my past life/only way to shake it/is to drink what we drunk last night/cold shower, too”
Track: “Hangover”

Turns out Jadakiss is a believer of the ol’ hair of the dog. Sounding as washed as the beat over which he raps, Kiss just says “f*ck it” and advocates another drink to stave off the insanity that occurred the night before—that, and a much-needed cold shower too. In certain situations, these are the only two things you can do to escape an alcohol-fueled struggle-hole.