They say the couple that laughs together stays together, but what about the couple that gets hammed together? Photographer Jillian Sipkins and professional magician Justin Willman have solidified their union with several years of both laughter and drunkenness.

The couple recently used Comedy Central’s Drunk History as a template to retell and reenact their courtship, then played the hysterical booze-fueled video at their wedding.

drunk pizza

Jillian and Justin drank a bottle of whiskey, two bottles of wine, and half a bottle of vodka before sitting down to tell the world how they met. The story itself isn’t particularly outlandish—it involves Hollywood, magic shows, Seth Rogan, Instagram, and sushi—but it’s the drunken explanations that are the real gold here.

More Drunk

With drinks in hand, Justin continually talks about his love for bow ties, while Jillian recaps her skepticism of dating a magician (her descriptions of his magic routines are the best).

last drunk

The video is over 12 minutes long, and it’s precious the entire way through. We can certainly see drunk relationship history videos becoming a ‘thing’ among millennials on their way to the alter.

[via Bro Bible]