Dunkin’ Donuts customers are a serious breed of superfan. It’s no surprise, then, that people are amped that the chain will be giving away free coffee to its customers tomorrow, September 29.


In honor of National Coffee Day, Dunkin’ will be giving away a free medium hot or iced dark-roast coffee to every member of their ‘DD Perks’ rewards club. Everyone who is already a member will receive a coupon for the free cup of joe, while non-members have a heavy incentive to join via the company’s app (tricky bastards).

Anyone who enrolls in the perks program tomorrow will get four free coffees—one tomorrow and then one-a-week for the first three weeks of October.


What’s more, Dunkin’ will make sharing your National Coffee Day pics even more ridiculous by providing a one-day-only Snapchat filter that adds raining coffee beans to your #coffeeselfies.


National Coffee Day also comes directly on the heels of another gimmicky, made-up food holiday: Drink a Beer Day. We don’t exactly need a reason to drink either beer or coffee on the reg, but a free coffee will certainly come in handy as a Tuesday-morning hangover cure after we observe national guzzle a brewskie day. Thanks, Dunkin’.

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