A nightclub in the Czech Republic is making it just a little easier to get back to the dance floor after your stomach starts feeling the five Red Bull-vodkas you pounded over the course of the evening. The club’s bathroom is equipped with a specialized, standing-height ‘puke toilet.’ Turn up.

A photo of the one-way vomit receptacle was posted on Reddit yesterday by user ThangCZ. This is the fall of civilization, captured in a single bathroom.


The toilet-shaped vomit vessel sits in the corner of the bathroom, has handles for stabilization, and, judging by the urinal next to it, stands about waist high. On one side of the puker is a urinal and on the other is a sign, reassuring hammed club kids that, yes, it is meant for ralphing into. The puke toilet is way too close to the urinal, but if you’re already a patron of this club we’re assuming you won’t mind a few chunks flying at you while you relieve yourself.

Our biggest issue with the mouth urinal isn’t the proximity to the actual urinal next to it, though. It’s not even the absurd safety hazard that could arise from promoting binge drinking. Our biggest problem with the vom receptacle is the fact that we can’t see a flusher, nor could we find a flusher for the urinal. This creates a whole new set of problems, including splash back and overflow. Step up your plumbing game, sketchy nightclub.

In sum, there are hundreds of people that leave bars and nightclubs every weekend to go throw up in the bushes outside. If you need to vomit in the bathroom of the club, you deserve to be kneeling in a pile of urine.

[via Bro Bible]