When it comes to supersizing virtually anything, no one does it better than McDonald’s. But flashback to sixty years ago and you’ll find a vastly different fast-food world.

BuzzFeed discovered just how much our McDonald’s hamburgers, fries, and drinks have grown since 1955. What they found was shocking, and it makes you reflect on what our idea of “normal” sized food has become.

Here are three examples of the ever-increasing size of McDonald’s most popular menu items. 



Starting size: 3.7 oz

Current Size: 9.2 oz

Size Difference: 5.5 oz

French Fries


Starting size: 2.4 oz

Current Size: 5.9 oz

Size Difference: 3.5 oz



Starting size: 7 fl oz

Current Size: 30 fl oz

Size Difference: 23 fl oz

[via BuzzFeed]