Once you’re out of college, frat parties can begin to lose their charm. Cheap beer, trap music, and drunk frat bros can turn what used to be an ideal night out into just a Friday night you want to avoid. That is, until someone makes things a little more interesting with an out-of-nowhere, extremely epic drinking move to make the boys say ohhhhh.

Those with truly impressive moves are a rarity. It’s not every day you catch a drunk guy at a bar open his beer using nothing but his eye socket. These legends are the heroes who turn every party into a night to remember. Although we do not condone questionable decisions like snorting a shot of tequila straight up the nose, we can celebrate those who go above and beyond, making everyone else’s drinking experience that much more enjoyable.

Here are eight of the most epic drinking moves ever caught on camera.

Aerial Beer Pong

Precision and grace are two terms that will forever define this beer-pong legend. What looked like a potential table-breaking slam dunk disaster turned into an aerial performance—complete with a dainty plop of the ball into the cup, and then a backflip onto a couch. This guy proves that drinking moves aren’t something you can acquire; they’re something you’re born with.

Russian Trick Shots


The Russians do not mess around when it comes to drinking vodka. This Russian duo exemplifies the hand-eye coordination of Olympians by throwing shots of vodka into each other’s mouths. This might just be the perfect way to get drunk on-the-go.

Old Man Slam Dunk

If you’re going to attempt this slam-dunk drinking move, you will get soaked with beer and bellyflop on the table. This old guy doesn’t seem to give two shits about that, and goes in for the shot like a true professional. Once a bro, always a bro.

Bottle Snaps


The talented individual in the video above—blindfolded, mind you—hits the solo cup right off the top of his friend’s head with nothing more than a bottle cap and finger snap. Precision, instinct—this guy’s got it. Think of it as the drinking-game version of Lil Jon’s “Snap Yo Fingers.”

Booty Flip Cup

Booty flip cup combines traditional flip-cup moves with the delicate art of twerking. It’s all about pelvic thrust and ‘cheek’ control. Let these fools professionals show you how it’s done.

Snorting Tequila Shots


Although taking a shot of alcohol up the nose sounds like the worst idea ever, this guy embraced the challenge and now has bragging rights (er, sort of). While the benefits of snorting your drink include getting drunk more quickly, the negative side effects involve an increased chance of alcohol addiction and dependency. It’s probably a good idea to pass on this move unless you want to look like someone that just got socked in the face.

Motorcycle Bottle Opener

This talented motorcyclist and his fearless friend created one of the most hardcore ways to open a drink. Warning: be careful when adding a wrench into the routine. (Yikes.)

The Five Ruler Rule

Looks like there’s use for those rulers collecting dust in your junk drawer after all. These guys stacked five rulers on top of one another to create a revolutionary bottle opener. And you thought school didn’t prepare you for the real world…