If you don’t know what #Deflategate means, consider yourself lucky. It’s the faux-scandal that’s engulfed the NFL, New England Patriots QB Tom Brady, and the football press since this past spring. Long story short: The NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell wanted to punish Brady for allegedly deflating balls during a game against the Indianapolis Colts by suspending him for four games. Brady refused to adhere and, lo and behold, U.S. District Judge Richard Berman said the league had overstepped its bounds, overruling the suspension.

Football fans rejoiced. Twitter rejoiced. And of course, New England fans celebrated the fact that their four-time Super Bowl champion QB will be available for the whole season.

New England icon Dunkin’ Donuts was pretty amped as well. According to a picture posted on Twitter by NHL reporter Chantel McCabe, one northeastern Dunkin’ Donuts franchise has even offered Judge Berman free coffee for life.


Extra Mustard investigated further and found that the restaurant is (probably) located in Lewiston, ME. It also added this juicy tidbit: “That’s less than an hour away from Roger Goodell’s summer home on the coast. His coffee undoubtedly costs extra.” Nice.

If Berman does take the store up on its offer, he’ll probably encounter a jubilant Pats fan or two.