When it comes to making a Bloody Mary, the more garnishes the better.

Ben Hirko, the mastermind behind Benny’s Original Meat Straws, crafted a straw made out of pork specifically to enhance the Bloody Mary experience. 

While his father had doubts that his business endeavor would work, the meat straw hit its first big break after the Detrioit Lions picked up his product to serve in their “Hail Mary Blood Mary” at Ford Field.

According to NPR, the idea took root while Hirko was bartending on a snowy evening. As the snow began to pile outside and people started to get hungry, a group of customers shared a few meat sticks they brought along to the bar. The small act of kindness gave Ben the life-changing idea to create a Bloody Mary meat straw. He explains,

“After a few beers, I reached over and grabbed one of the snack sticks and I was like, ‘You know, this would make an amazing Bloody Mary garnish.’ It just had great flavor. And so I grabbed a plastic straw out of one of the dispensers, and I grabbed a new stick from them. And I literally started digging a hole in it and eating the meat out of it until I got all the way through.” 

To date, the Lions have sold more 30,000 straws as a garnish in their Bloody Mary. Now, Hirko has even begun supplying the product online and in grocery stores.

The origin story of the meat straw is almost as good as the humble beginnings of nachos.

[via NPR]