From A-list to C-list, all types of celebrities slap their names on bottles and booze advertisements. Of course, not all of them are as notable as Diddy and the bottles-in-the-club behemoth that is Ciroc.

But lest you forget, there are plenty of stars out there shilling alcohol that you’ve probably never tasted. These celebs have followed their passion for partying, crafting unique and occasionally vulgar liquor brands to achieve their dream of becoming the next Sean Combs.

Here are 10 celebrities you probably didn’t know were in the booze business.

Trey Songz

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Booze Brand: SX Liquor
Drink: Vodka, Tequila, Rum
Debut: 2015

The last couple years have been very productive for Trey Songz. Despite being busy with a world tour for his the chart-topped album “Trigga,” Mr. Steal Yo Girl was somehow able to find the time to create his own booze brand. His brand, SX Liquor, offers six different flavors of spirits (two vodka, two rum, and two tequila) all packaged in a scandalous bottle shaped like the curves of a woman’s body.

Kerry King

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Booze Brand: Coldcock
Drink: Whiskey
Debut: 2013

Ever spent a night sober due to fear of an insufferable hangover? Kerry King, best known for his work as the guitarist of the heavy-metal band Slayer, found the perfect solution: a whiskey that prevents hangovers. According to the brand’s website, “unlike comparable flavored brands on the market, Coldcock includes ingredients that remove the burn typically associated with drinking whiskey and won’t give you a sugar hangover the morning after. Coldcock is nearly half the sugar of competing brands and 70 proof.” Bottoms up, slayers.

Dennis Rodman

Booze Brand: Bad Boy Vodka
Drink: Vodka
Debut: 2013

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman has taken his talents off the court and taken the logical next step into the booze business. Rodman’s “Bad Boy Vodka” mimics his enviable, hardcore party lifestyle with a name as bad as Rodman himself. The vodka pays tribute to the Detroit Piston’s “Bad Boys” of the ’90s. After the launch in 2013, the bottles were only distributed to a select number of liquor stores in California; the company later changed the drink’s name to “Dennis Rodman Vodka.”


Booze Brand: Ferguson Crest
Drink: Wine
Debut: 2006

Back in 2006, Fergie partnered with her father Pat Ferguson to craft a wine that “captures the essence of Santa Barbara.” The wine is bottled in the hills of Solvang, and features varieties like the “2011 Fergalicious” red. Nothing says class quite like a wine named after one of the biggest turn-up songs of 2006.

Steven Soderbergh

Booze Brand: Singani 63
Drink: Brandy
Debut: 2007

Steven Soderbergh, best known as the director of Magic Mike and Ocean’s Eleven, partnered with Singani 63 brandy back in 2007. The brandy is said to be the “culmination of a 51-year privately funded project known as the ‘Steven Soderbergh Adventure,’ the purpose of which is to identify the exceptional in all areas of human beings.” The brandy itself is made up of distilled white muscat turned into a “mixable spirit.”

Joe Montana

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Booze Brand: Aviation Gin
Drink: Gin
Debut: 2006

After retiring form the NFL, Joe Montana decided he needed a new hobby to pour his time into, and so The Comeback Kid invested in Aviation gin. Serving as House Spirits Distillery‘s flagship brand, Aviation Gin brings all the flavors of being a patriotic American into one bottle of dry alcohol. Montana’s favorite drink to make? The negroni—made with 1oz Aviation, 1oz Campari, 1oz Carpano sweet vermouth, and two dashes orange bitters.

Toro y Moi

Booze Brand: Frequency (artist series)
Drink: Wine
Debut: 2014

Toro y Moi’s Chaz Bundick crafted a Santa Barbara County Rhone Blend in collaboration with Frequency Wine Company. The purpose behind Frequency’s new artist series is to pair a specially-crafted playlist with a glass of wine. Bundick even created the bottle’s label, which he says reflects the smooth and easy sounds of his accompanying R&B playlist.

Kyle MacLachlan

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Booze Brand: Pursued by Bear
Drink: Wine
Debut: 2005

Everyone’s favorite Portlandia mayor proved he’s just as dedicated to making good wine as he is to acting when he founded his Pursued by Bear winery. His passion began in high school once he realized he wasn’t a fan of beer. After befriending wine conossieur Eric Dunham, MacLachlan was inspired to create his own brand of wine, and the two came together to create a drink unique to the their native state of Washington.

Roberto Cavalli

Booze Brand: Roberto Cavalli Vodka
Drink: Vodka
Debut: 2006

Master of exotic prints Roberto Cavalli expanded his design expertise into the world of alcohol. The fashion designer’s premium vodka is the first of its kind to be produced entirely in Italy. The liquor is inspired by femininity, which Cavalli believes is the true essence of vodka.

Maynard James Keenan

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Booze Brand: Caduceus Cellars
Drink: Wine
Debut: 2004

Maynard James Keenan, vocalist for the rock band Tool, began his involvement in the booze industry when he opened up an Arizona distillery in 2004. His vineyard, Caduceus Cellars, features tasting rooms and a VIP “Velvet Slipper” program for fans looking to receive shipments of three to six bottles four times a year. After Keenan’s mother passed away, her ashes were scattered all across the vineyard, and Keenan honored her life with his “Nagual del Judith” wine.