During a routine trip to Starbucks this past weekend, Kim and Brian Dillon got a little something extra in their latte.

After taking a sip from her sugar-free latte, Kim found the remnants of a slimy lizard.


“It was so gross knowing it was in my mouth,” she tells ABC 15.

The couple went back to the store with the lizard safely secured in a ziplock bag to show the Starbucks staff. The employees apologized profusely for the incident and offered the Kim a coupon for a free drink. She politely refused, claiming she’ll never drink there again.

After the horrific incident, the Dillons questioned where the rest of the lizard was.


The experience left a lasting impression on the couple, making them reconsider their weekend trips to the coffee house. Brian Dillon states, “Maybe we’ll be tea drinkers from now on.”

The Fry’s grocery store that houses the Starbucks is currently investigating the issue with the help of Starbucks. Fry’s released a statement saying it made sure to do some extra cleaning, but believe this was an isolated incident.


[via ABC15]