In the official rules for Beer Pong, dunking the ball results in the end of the game. Why? Because dunking the ball typically involves a full belly flop onto the table, and the subsequent knocking over of all cups, cans, and onlookers.

But this was not the case in the beer-pong game in the video above. This guy, whoever he is, somehow harnessed the power of flight to place the ball into the last remaining cup on his opponent’s side.

And that’s when the game ended. The game would have been over even if there was a whole rack left. Don’t even bother playing beer pong anymore, he already won.prw1w

The feat is amazing, but we have so many questions. Did he touch the table? It looks like his left hand might have touched a cup on his way down, but how could he have done that without crushing what looks like a standard 10-ounce styrofoam cup? What would have happened if the couch was half a foot further back? Why was this filmed on an iPhone 3 and why wasn’t it shot horizontal? Can he dunk a basketball on a regulation hoop? And, finally, why wasn’t ‘Finnesser’ by Migos synced up to the video?

One thing we are certain about: This is without a doubt the most athletic, precise beer-pong performance in recent history.

We were about to compare him to Michael Jordan, but then saw this, and decided not to tarnish the man’s good name.


[via Bro Bible]