Someone really wants the world to know his feelings about Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Over 20,000 cans of Sun King Brewery’s Wee Mac Scottish Ale have be distributed with a born-on date that included the message “Tom Brady Sux.”  The Indianapolis brewery, which is notorious for writing quirky notes at the bottom of its cans, has not apologized for the incident, but has instead called out a canning-line worker named Biscuit.


Sun King co-owner Clay Robinson replied to the drama Tuesday morning with the following statement:


“It was a prank by Biscuit…I actually thought it was funny. Now there are thousands of cans out there that say ‘Tom Brady Sux.”


The beer photographed and tweeted by Zak Keefer was canned May 13, right smack in the middle of the Deflategate drama, in which it was announced that Brady would be suspended for four games in the upcoming 2015 season.

Robinson goes on to state, “It wasn’t an idea we came up with at all. Every day, we change the thing on the bottom of our cans. One of the guys running the canning lines had to come up with something. Biscuit is his name. So Biscuit put ‘Tom Brady Sux.'”

Biscuit, who still works for Sun King, is now required to submit a list of of phrases he plans to stamp on the bottom of the cans before he begins his shift on the canning line.

[via The Indy Star]