Earlier this month, two bros—one Canadian and one Australian—smashed the world record for the Beer Mile in the same weekend.

For the unfamiliar, the beer mile involves running four laps around a quarter-mile running track and downing a beer after each lap. It is the ultimate test of endurance, alcoholism, and brodom.

While setting world records is all well and good, it’s especially beautiful to see hundreds of people come together to make Beer Mile history. Over the weekend, San Francisco’s inaugural Beer Mile World Classic hosted 300 brew-chugging competitors from around the world.

Beer Mile World Classic competitor Alex Carney spoke to SF Gate about some of the event’s challenges: 

“Making sure just to burp and not to puke is very difficult.”

Several races were held as part of the event, including separate categories for men and women over 40, as well as men weighing more than 200 pounds. Many amateur runners had practiced running, but not running while chugging beer.

Jeremy Eaton won his race and offered this sage advice to newbies: “You got to get the bubbles out or else you are going to throw up.”


But even the winners of the elite races couldn’t beat the current Beer Mile world record time of 4:55. There were heavy winds on Treasure Island during the races, making it difficult to smash any world records, according to SF Gate.

Elite female race winner Caitlin Judd clocked in at 6:48, while elite male winner Lewis Kent hit 5:09. Naturally, the trophies had built-in beer can holders to help participants train for next year’s race.

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