Happy Valley, a resort-theme park based in central China, has created the ultimate endurance competition in an attempt to find the world’s most savage drinkers.

The resort holds daily contests to find the world’s next beer king and queen, and rewards those that have a talent for binge drinking with free entrance to the resort. Groups are challenged to chug two liters of alcohol from a wash bin in five minutes in an attempt to take home the title of “Beer King.” 

The winner of the competition is determined by the team with the least amount of beer left in the bowl by the end of the five minutes. The contest began back in June, and resort-goers were immediately enticed with the grand prize of free admission.

On August 9th, over 100 people took part in the beer king competition hoping to cop the title and free admission to the park. Competitors were split into teams of two, and each member attempted to chug 500ml of alcohol each from a wash bin in the allotted time of five minutes.

According to the Daily Mail, the competition was stiff. One man was rumored to have chugged the entire two liters of beer by himself in two minutes. Others were not as talented. Many struggled with the insane amount of alcohol and called it quits four minutes into the competition.

The winning team was dubbed beer king and queen for the day, until the next day when the park once again began the search for the next beer royalty.

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