Major League Soccer has tried its best to channel the fervor of the great European clubs in the U.S., creating chants for supporters to belt out at games and giving cross-town showdowns—such as last night’s New York Red Bulls versus New York City FC’s match—misleadingly epic names like “the Hudson Derby.”

Everyone who loves the sport wants to see domestic fans get as passionate as their international brethren. What no one wants, though, is the type of violent football hooliganism that gives it a bad name, which is why this scene at Bello’s Bar & Grill, right across the Passaic River from Red Bull Arena, is unfortunate to see:

AP reporter Rob Harris captured the confrontation, in which fans clashed outside of the bar, throwing punches and attempting to beat each other with sandwich boards and bags of trash. Harris reported having to “avoid flying glass bottles” during the brawl.

The good news is, the situation wasn’t nearly as bad as some on social media claimed. Even in the short video above, you can see police show up almost immediately.

Still, it’s a sad reminder that lager-fueled idiots will find any excuse for a punch-up.

[via Sports Illustrated]