A London pop-up bar has developed a way for drinkers to get drunk minus the drink.

At Alcoholic Architecture, bar-goers are treated to vaporized cocktails in an ancient monastery, enabling them to breathe in their booze in an erie, smoke-filled setting. A humidifier pumps out cocktails like gin and tonics into an enclosed space, then the vapors are taken in by the body through the eyes and skin, leaving people with a serious buzz.

Misty gin

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Patrons can choose between Trappist Beer, Buckfast, Chartreuese, and Benedictine spirits—all beverages made by monks.

Co-founder Sam Bompass explains the process of inhaling alcohol to Marketing Magazine. “It’s going straight into the bloodstream, completely bypassing the liver.” When you drink an alcoholic beverage, the body absorbs the booze much slower. By bypassing the liver, vaporized cocktails hit the body much faster, which can cause tense highs. At Alcoholic Architecture, people can get lit, but only for 50 minutes max to keep it safe.

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Quartz reports that the London pop-up is not the first vaporized cocktail bar of its kind. In Chicago, a bar introduced the idea of a “vaportini” where the cocktail was heated in a custom-made glass bowl and inhaled through a straw. The idea was so popular, it inspired the bar to begin selling an at-home version online.

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