Rappers are not new to the booze game. Diddy has Ciroc Vodka and Deleon Tequila, 50 Cent has his own vodka brand called Effen, and E-40 has a line of wines as well as Slurricane, the rapper’s pre-mixed cocktail that looks more like Kool-Aid than a traditional Hurricane.

Jay Z has a retirement, a comeback, and a few clubs under his belt; and now, HOVA’s stepped into the already packed VIP room of rappers with Champagne allegiances.


Jay bought Armand De Brignac, better known as “Ace of Spades,” in 2014, presumably as a slight to Cristal for pulling a Tommy Hilfiger and sticking its nose up at its newer, blacker clientele.

Now Jay Z is releasing a new, 100% Pinot Noir champagne that will retail for $760, more than double the cost of the popular Ace of Spades Gold Bottle. The Blanc de Noirs will be the most expensive in the Ace of Spades line, and it will come in a black bottle.

The company’s website says that you can pre-order a bottle now, but gives no link where you can do so. If you can’t find the pre-order like us, the bottle will be available in stores and clubs this October, with only 3,000 bottles produced.


The folks at Bloomberg Business got an early taste of the $1K (with tip!) bottle of bubbly, and essentially said that the fruity notes and subtle mint finish promised by Hova were there. “The buxom fruit flavors hit you right upfront and then reverberate like an insistent rap beat,” they say, but note that the bottle was best used as a collector’s item. If you get past that velvet rope at 40/40 Club this September, you can taste the bubbly for yourself.

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