Turns out popping open a beer can with your teeth can serve as more than a great party trick, it can also distract from political publicity stunts.

Five-foot-seven, 313-pound Stas Baretsky showed off his unique bottle-opening talents at a Russian grocery store in St. Petersberg during an organized Cossack raidAccording to RT, Baretsky’s actions were an attempt to derail attention from the Russian Cossack raid on banned foods. His trick strived to explain to Russians that law-abiding citizens should do as Putin has asked and destroy banned food items on camera.


RT.com explains that Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered for all banned products to be destroyed on camera by customs to discourage people from smuggling illegal items into the country. The new law has many Russians outraged over how wasteful destroying food can be due to the country’s history of famine throughout the 20th century.

The gigantic man was able to upstage the raid, much to the dislike of the Cossacks, who resorted to filing a complaint to the city after they discovered food without the proper paperwork.

[via YouTube, RT]