There is something truly spectacular in witnessing an airborne beer float into the hand of a thirsty drinker.

For bros around the world, no gesture is more sacred. But while they may have perfected the toss, we know that people from all walks of life have experienced this small, yet triumph moment.

You could even say that we’ve entered a Golden Era of beer tosses, where elegant displays of foot-work and nimble hand-eye coordination have upped the stakes at baseball stadiums and music venues around the world. From wakeboarding theatrics to crowdsurfing miracles, these folks have beaten the odds to end up with a cold one in their hand—and we proudly salute them.

1. A True Rockstar is Born

Score: 9/10

This footage of David Acter de Molen, singer for Dutch punk band John Coffey, is like catching a glimpse of heaven through a keyhole. Instead of the usual belly-up crowdsurfing, de Molen stands regal on the hands of his fans as he nonchalantly snags a beer thrown his way.

2. H2-Ohhh Sh*t!

Score: 7/10

Even if bros didn’t invent the beer toss, they might have perfected it.

3. Conquer Your Fear of Heights

Score: 8.5

Dude’s got soft hands. Wow.

4. Drive-By’s Are Breezy

Score: 7/10

This wakeboarding beer toss is a ballet in its timing and precision.

5. Gymnastics + Beer = Success

Score: 7/10

His ninja skill are admirable, but it’s his post-beer-catch look of determination that truly inspires us.

6. Festival Freebies

Score: 8.5/10

When a beer drops into your hand, thou shalt drink it.

7. Perfect Your Technique in the Water

Score: 7.5/10

Bro, it’s all about core exercise.

8. Bonus Points for Creativity

Score: 9.5/10

Using the laws of Newton and Einstein—paired with Bear Grylls resourcefulness—this duo exemplifies a perfectly timed beer toss.

9. This Dad is a Legend

Score: 10/10

Baseball, beer, and friendship—in case of an apocalypse, this video should be put in a time capsule to give aliens insight into the true spirit of America.

10. Celebrities Are Not As Clueless As You’d Think

Score: 7.5/10

Brad Pitt casually tossing Matthew McConaughey a beer in New Orleans proves that the toss-and-catch is revered at all levels of our society.