For the unfamiliar, the beer mile involves running four laps around a quarter-mile running track and downing a beer after each lap. It is the ultimate test of endurance, alcoholism, and brodom.

Over the weekend, not one but two world records in the beer mile were set in less than 24 hours. This past Friday, Australian Josh Harris took the world record crown as he crossed the finish line with a time of 4:56.2 in a solo run, smashing the previous record of 4.57.7 set by Californian James Nielsen back in 2014.

Unfortunately for Harris, his beer-mile reign didn’t last long. Ontario, Canada native Lewis Kent did his country proud by snatching the world record for the beer mile within 24 hours of Harris’ accomplishment.

Kent crossed the finish line at 4:55.78 (video above), about a half a second faster than Harris.

Both Kent and Harris’ times have yet to be officially verified by, the organization that keeps record of all beer mile-related shenanigans. Although, posts on’s Facebook and Twitter page gave each athlete their 15 minutes of fame immediately after the records were broken.

Be sure to tune in when Nielsen, Harris, and Kent go head-to-head at the Beer Mile World Classic competition in San Francisco in two weeks.

[via Grub Street]