We knew that subscription to Amazon Prime would pay off. The company that will deliver almost anything to your door has added something new for Prime customers in the Seattle Metro region: booze.

Through Amazon’s new one-hour delivery service, Prime Now, the e-commerce giant will deliver beer, wine, and spirits for a fee of $7.99. If you order before the party runs out of hooch and can wait for two-hour delivery, there’s no delivery charge.


Prime Now is available as an app for Apple and Android, which means you can order booze to your house party with just a few taps on your smart-phone screen.

The liquor-delivery announcement was made as part of a larger rollout of Amazon Prime Now, with beer and wine listed between paper towels and milk in the press release touting the new service.

Another Seattle based company, GeekWire, has already tested the app and the staff reports nothing but flawless success in their pursuit of screwdriver ingredients and Bud Light.


It’s unclear whether the bar-on-demand will be available in other cities in the near future—but hey, Seattle’s a start.

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