A bottle of Rémy Martin XO Excellence retails between $170 and $200 per bottle. For the average consumer, this is a lot of money to pay for cognac, making it a special purchase for someone who’s not swimming in cash.

According to the South China Morning Post, a Chinese woman arrived at Beijing’s Capital International Airport from the United States recently with a 700 mL bottle of the stuff; however, security told her that she couldn’t bring it on board because passengers on Chinese flights can’t bring liquids over 100 mL onto the plane. The woman, whose last name was Zhao, had already passed the point to stow the booze in her checked luggage, so she was faced with one of two options: toss the precious liquid or chug the f*cking bottle.

She chose the latter.

Before you do like Jay Z here and applaud Ms. Zhao’s abilities…


…just know that putting down the entire bottle was, obviously, a poor decision.

A Chinese woman passenger who downed an entire bottle of expensive cognac at Beijing’s main airport was barred from boarding because she was “too drunk to fly,” a local newspaper reported.

The woman, surnamed Zhao, was found rolling on the floor at a boarding gate at Beijing Capital International Airport, shouting and screaming, according to a police officer who attended the scene.

“She was so drunk… she couldn’t even stand up herself. We took her to a room in a wheelchair so she could rest,” the officer told The Beijing Times.

Authorities took her to a convalescence room where she remained until 7 pm when she awoke and her family picked her up.

What we’re trying to say here: It really sucks to be told you have to dump an entire thing of Rémy Martin, but it’s even worse to die from alcohol poisoning.

[via South China Morning Post]