7-Eleven’s annual free Slurpee day is happening this Saturday, July 11, right in time for us to try the new Slurpee delivery service.

From the hours of 11am to 7am, you can swoop your favorite 12-ounce Slurpee for free at participating 7-Eleven locations. Additionally, the convenience store is going above and beyond, with celebrations lasting through July 18th.

Throughout the week, 7-Eleven will be handing out select freebies ranging from coffee and Slurpees to Big Glups, giving you more of a reason to loiter around the store than ever before.

Give the new Sour Patch watermelon or lemonade Slurpee flavor a try, or stick to the traditional Coca-Cola icee. Either way, if you’re looking to live life a little bit more adventurously, the Sour Punch Slurpee straws are a must-try for tomorrow.

And although it’s somewhat unethical, @MattDaly is here to remind us that you don’t have to lessen your Slurpee intake after July 11.


[via PR Newswire]