Maine is well known for its overstuffed lobster rolls, and for its oceans that serve as a breeding ground for tasty and rare crustaceans. Oxbow Brewing in Newcastle, MA has taken the state’s lobster obsession to the next level by brewing the first-ever lobster beer.

The “Gose-inspired seaside saison,” dubbed Saison Dellaragosta, is brewed with Maine lobsters and sea salt. To be more specific, the 4.5% ABV beer is made by putting one dozen live lobsters in boiling, unfermented beer.

“We were very subtle with the lobster. The taste is there, but just a touch above threshold,” Adams tells Maine news station WCSH6. The flavor profile is a combination of sweetness from the lobster and a brininess reminiscent of the sea.


Screen capture via WSCH6

The genius idea came about when Oxbow brewmaster Tim Adams was feasting on Maine lobster rolls with the brewmaster from Italian brewery Birrificio del Ducato.

Nothing goes to waste in the lobster beer-making process. After the lobsters are done steeping in the brew, Adams and his partner at Birrificio del Ducato feast on the boiled crustaceans for dinner. Adams says it was some of the best-tasting lobster he’s ever had.

If you want to sample the briny brew for yourself, you better hurry. The saison takes about a year to make, so if you miss the opportunity to drink it at Oxbow Brewing this month, you’ll have to wait until next summer.

[via WSCH6]

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