The New York Department of Health is cracking down on raw fish across the city beginning in August, mandating that restaurants freeze all raw fish before serving it. The new law applies to your beloved sushi, sashimi, ceviche, and tartare. 

While shellfish and certain types of tuna (along with farm-raised fish) are all exempt, the rest of your favorite ocean creatures will be subject to between 15 hours and one week in the deep freeze before they’re able to wind up on your plate.

“Most grade sushi that restaurants serve are not impacted by this,” James Versocki, general counsel for the New York Restaurant Association, told CBS Local. “You know your yellow and bluefin and tuna, they’re allowed to be served raw because they don’t generally have… parasites in them.”

The impact on the fish’s flavor and quality remains to be seen, but the biggest secret to be revealed is that many sushi restaurants were already freezing their goods for health’s sake.

“We purposely deep-freeze at negative 83 degrees, and we use one of those medical cryogenic freezers,” Yuta Suzuki of Sushi Zen told the NYT. “This way, it’s kind of like cooking, but instead of using heat we use freezing to remove parasites or bacteria on the outer surface.”

[via NYT]