What could be better than chocolate and craft beer? Maybe ice cream and craft beer, but not much else. That’s why we were slightly disappointed when we heard about the non-alcoholic “chocolate beer” created by New York-based chocolate company Mast Brothers.

According to the Huffington Post, the beer is made with “roasted and shelled cacao beans that are cold-brewed for 24 hours in stainless-steel fermentation tanks. These tanks happen to be the same tanks used to make small-batch beer.”

It’s the process of making the drink that classifies it as a “beer”—kind of like how root beer is “beer” and ginger beer is “beer”—but there’s no alcohol to be found in the brew. The only ingredients that are actually used in the drink are Mast’s chocolate, CO2, and nitrogen, which is used to impart carbonation.

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Delish.com describes the beer as “a little nutty, very rich and buttery, [with] some warm caramel notes.” That description sounds quite a bit like the popular Harry Potter-themed drink Butterbeer, which does not make us mad at all.

And much like the IRL Butterbeer you can find at Universal Studios, you can always spike the Mast Bros chocolate beer with a little bourbon or rum to take it to that next level. Or, you can just go get yourself an actual craft beer brewed with chocolate, like Southern Tier’s Imperial Choklat Stout.

Two flavors of the chocolate beer, “Brooklyn Blend” and “Vanilla Smoke,” are currently on tap at Mast Brother’s locations in Brooklyn and London. But if you’re looking to get a sense of what the Mast Brothers beverage is like without leaving your house, you can watch a British guy try it in the video below.

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