This Kim Kardashian commercial might have taken the cake for the most confusing ad of the century.

In a promotional attempt for Hype Energy Drink, Kim Kardashian channels various female icons after she faces a bike accident-induced coma. (Warning: trying to do donuts on a bicycle after getting hyped up on energy drinks is very dangerous.)

In the Kim Kardashian-West “film,” the icon ironically promotes the energy drink using hardly any energy at all, considering she’s in a coma for 80% of the ad. For two and a half minutes, an Audrey Hepburn-esque Kim lies unconscious on the ground and dreams of her life as Marie Antoinette and a grown-up Kylie Jenner.


The commercial seems to imply that Hype is the next Four Loko, seeing that Kim sips the drink before waking up with a major headache and continuing to majorly hallucinate.



The commercial takes a turn as Kim is suddenly transported into a futuristic dimension, in which she appears to embody an adult version of Kylie Jenner.


What any of this has to do with Hype energy drink is up for interpretation. One thing is certain: Hype’s use of the Kim Kardashian brand should be enough to convince millions of people around the world to try the drink.

[via Uproxx]