Just when we thought Waffle House couldn’t get any more ratchet, a woman decided to leave children unattended at a Georgia location. Why would she do such a thing? Because she wanted to go bar hopping. 

The Augusta Chronicle reports that the Floridian mother, Rhiannon Gentry, left the three children (two twelve-year-olds and an eleven-year-old) at the 24-hour Waffle House to go drinking at Wild Wings Cafe across the street. Police were called over to the Waffle House after people began complaining that they were hearing children crying in the parking lot.

A waitress told the police that the incapable mother left the kids alone for an hour and a half with some money to get food inside the restaurant. The children began to cry after they didn’t have enough money to pay for their meal, and Gentry never returned to check on them.

The event escalated when a customer stopped the children from crossing the street to try and find their mother at the bar. When Gentry returned to the Waffle House, she was met by the Georgian Police where she claimed that she was “only picking up her tab at the bar” and “had not been gone for long.”

To make matters worse, only two of the children belonged to Gentry. The other child belonged to a mother whom the family met at the hotel pool. She tells police she had allowed her daughter to have dinner with the family but was not aware that her child would be left unattended.

Georgia police arrested Gentry for three accounts of deprivation of a minor and have a spot reserved for her inside Richmond County jail.

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[via Augusta Chronicle]