One of the greatest urban legends floating around Major League Baseball circles is the story that involves Wade Boggs’ drinking more than 100 beers in one day during a road trip. The numbers have varied over the years—from 60-something to 100+—but the fact that he consumed a lot has never been in question.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia‘s Charlie Day told Jimmy Fallon in January that Boggs confirmed to him that he downed 107. Day sounded incredibly convinced in the clip, and thus the myth was resuscitated again. TMZ caught up with Boggs in NYC yesterday to ask him about the rumors, hoping to finally bring clarity after all these years. And Boggs delivered the definitive answer—we think.

The outlet asked him the most beers he’s drank in one day, to which Boggs replied:

“In one day? Over 100…. Over 100.”

TMZ then asked how, exactly, he puts it all down.

“I’ve got a hollow leg. It goes down and then I take it off.”

Boggs’ initial answer (not the joke about the artificial appendage) lines up with the amount cited in Day’s story, so we’re inclined to believe that Boggs drank 107 f*cking beers in one day. However, this could all be a ruse by Boggs play into the myth (i.e., he drank a lot, but not that much).

Until we get photos, we’re not fully buying anything, but we’re pretty convinced either way that Boggs’ liver must be made of titanium.

[via TMZ]