Attention lovers of both cheap beer and hip-hop: A new lawsuit between Snoop Dogg and Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) will likely force you to choose sides between popping the top on a cold brew and smoking a bowl in honor of The Dogfather.

Snoop Dogg is claiming a breach of contract with the company for his role as a spokesperson for Blast by Colt 45, the malt liquor that rolled out in 2011 with “natural fruit flavors” like Strawberry Lemonade (“Sassy-ass strawberry gets her squeeze on with that pimp lemonade for a booty-knocking VIP party!“) and Raspberry Watermelon (“Who spiked da juice with fruit? That’s raspberry rollin’ in on da party with watermelon causin’ chaos. Pour some drank!“)


Snoop agreed to a spokesperson role for a three-year contract with Blast that ended in January 2014. During that time, the company was sold to a group of private investors, and the rapper claims that he is entitled entitled to 10 percent of the sale price thanks to a “phantom equity clause” in his contract.

While damages aren’t specified, since the sale clocked in to the tune of $700 million, you can rest assured Snoop is looking for a hefty payout.

We’re all hoping the two giants of the drinking world will be able to resolve their differences soon. In the meantime, we’ll just be focusing on the hip-hop and beer collabs that haven’t gone so sour.

[via Hollywood Reporter, h/t Grub Street]