If you’ve heard that beer is beneficial for maintaining healthy hair—but think pouring a bottle over your head is going too far—Carlsberg might have the answer for you. The Danish brewer just unveiled Carlsberg Beer Beauty, a line of men’s toiletries that includes shampoo, conditioner, and lotion all made with Carlsberg beer.

Unlike other beer-themed wellness supplies, Carlsberg Beer Beauty actually incorporates a half-liter of freeze-dried beer into every 250 mL bottle of beauty product. If you’re a fan, now you can slather yourself in Carlsberg pride both inside and out.

Carlsberg international media director Jim Daniell spoke to Adweek about the project, and said that it was meant to be a “humorous take on male grooming,” but also added, “Studies have shown [beer’s] benefits for skin and hair, so this made sense.”

Carlsberg_Beer Beauty_Mood

But will men buy it? Data from Euromonitor International said that men’s toiletry sales totaled $3.4 billion last year alone, which is up 4 percent from the year before. Daniell is hopeful that he can ride the wave of momentum. “The proportion of men that care about their grooming rituals beyond the traditional shaving experience is increasing. It gives men a beauty line they can relate to.”

And here we thought dumping beer on your head was just a douchey move for drunk people.

Price is around 64 Euros, or $73 USD for the set. If it takes off, “beer me” will have a whole new layer of meaning.

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