Beck’s is made in St. Louis, brewed with Missouri water. Are you shocked? Do you feel taken advantage of? Did you think Beck’s was a bonafide German pilsner?

Thanks to a class-action settlement of a lawsuit stating that the maker of Beck’s, Anheuser-Busch InBev, tricked consumers into thinking Beck’s was a German beer, you may qualify for a refund of up to $50. The Wall Street Journal has the details:

Settlement class members include consumers who purchased Beck’s beer, including Beck’s Dark and Beck’s Light, since May 2011. Once it’s finalized, they’ll be able to fill out an online form to claim a refund. Beck’s drinkers can get 10 cents back for every individual bottle purchased; 50 cents for a six-pack or $1.75 per 20-pack.

The suit stated that phrases included on Beck’s packaging mislead customers—phrases including “German Quality” beer and “Originated in Bremen, Germany.” Hey Big Beer, looks like its time to be transparent, or face the consequences.

[via Wall Street Journal]