We’ve learned a lot about Tiny Hamster’s food preferences over the past year. It turns out that just like us, he loves burritos. He also loves feasting on turkey at Thanksgiving, and even goes on tiny dates in tiny gondolas. But what does he like to do when he’s just chilling on a well-deserved day off?

Drink something with a little umbrella, obviously. Look at that smart guy and his hammed hedgehog friend.

We have but one question: Where do you find coconuts that tiny? Hello Denizen, the YouTube force behind the Tiny Hamster series, revealed that they’re coquito nuts. They taste like a coconut crossed with an almond, and can be eaten without peeling. #TheMoreYouKnow

If you have kids in your life, a children’s book called Tiny Hamster is a Giant Monster is due out in June. You can preorder it on the official website.

[via YouTube/Hello Denizen]