This week on Twitter, celebrities basked in the glory of a taco-filled afternoon, poked fun at PDA-happy power couple Kimye, and offered sage advice about why taking risks in the kitchen is important (thanks, Action). We think that Patrick Stewart really steals the show, though, with his highly controversial pro-pizza-crust stance.

Crust haters, get ready to defend yourselves…

Patrick Stewart

Stewart might’ve sparked some serious slice-based debates with his firm #procrust opinion. Good thing the legendary actor knows not to cut his ‘za with a knife and a fork, otherwise there’d be real mayhem.

Action Bronson

Take a tip from our dude Action Bronson and get real messy in the kitchen this weekend, alright?

Also, feel free to experiment with zapping your fruit in the microwave.

Chrissy Teigan

Chrissy was on a roll this week, whether hating on a terrible pho spot, singing the praises of peas, or talking about the nitty gritty of her forthcoming cookbook.

Megan Mullally

Mullally says what we were all thinking about that super weird Kim and Kanye make out photo from earlier this week. #teamgerken

Katy Perry

Saturday goals? #Saturdaygoals, for sure.