Which state lusts after huckleberry? Where in the country do people chow down on the most bison? Now, there’s an easy way to tell the most hyper-local cravings across the country.

FourSquare has put its infinite user-supplied check-in data to good use by creating a map of the most unique “popular tastes” in each state:

Foursquare’s data science team identified the singular tastes of all 50 states and D.C., using a mix of data sets (menus, tips, ratings, and more) and normalizing for size against other states. Then the editorial team reviewed the data and selected the winning taste that is most special and unique to each state.

While some are completely predictable (Texans love their breakfast tacos!), many others are surprising (Indiana, apparently, devours lemon rice soup). Below are some of the map’s gems, and you can play around with the fun interactive map here.

New York: Avocado Toast

3,143% more than any other state


Photo: Food52

Louisiana: Crawfish

1,012% more than any other state

crawfish2Photo: Dixie Fish

California: Chinese Chicken Salad

3,280% more than any other state

chickcinPhoto: Flickr

Idaho: Sweet Pork

266% more than any other state

Photo: Your Homebased Mom

Kansas: Cherry Limeade

212% more than any other state


Photo: Foodspotting

New Hampshire: Haddock

259% more than any other state

haddockPhoto: Road Food

Arizona: Prickly Pear

816% more than any other state

prickly_pear_cactusPhoto: ImgSoup