This week in the world of celebrity food tweets, there were quite a few strange bedfellows. Jimmy Fallon and Mitt Romney chatted about plans to go on an ice-cream date after a #MayPac fight bet. Ellen DeGeneres admitted that much she loved seeing Justin Timberlake’s head look like a lime. And Andy Richter made a bold Chipotle confession…that eventually made Larry King talk about refried beans.

And of course, our girl Chrissy was in the mix. Let’s dive in.

Snoop Dogg

While the rapper might be busy promoting his quasi-sushi-themed new track “California Roll,” Snoop Dogg’s dog is apparently really into horchata.

Kim Kardashian West

This week, Kim K-W was seriously committed to promoting her archive of selfies, including this one from what appears to be a Carl’s Jr. kitchen.


Treat yo’ self, Shaq.

Sarah Thyre and Andy Richter

It was a big, food-themed week in the house of comedy power couple Sarah Thyre and Andy Richter.

First, Sarah got rightfully pissed about some (clearly deranged) person who doesn’t hold brownie batter in the highest regard.

Then, Rhianna’s Met Ball dress made us all hungry.

Meanwhile, Andy had a few things to say about coffee condiments…

…and, uh, Chipotle.

Mitt Romney and Jimmy Fallon

Mitt Romney is going to make good on his ice-cream bet with Jimmy Fallon over the #MayPac fight, but Jimmy’s mainly concerned about reppin’ his brand.

Chrissy Teigen

Sorry, Chrissy—someone already beat you to it.

Ellen (and Justin Timberlake)

Yeah, yeah, Justin has a new tequila out. The real story is he’s dressed like a lime.