This weekend, the LA Times took a peek inside the world of Elite Yelpers and their power-status position within the online reviewing website’s ever-growing community. The article explored the idea that with great reviewing prowess comes great responsibility—but mostly, being an Elite Yelper just provides access to some serious parties (and free stuff).

Similar to a secret society or some sort of Arthurian round table, in order to become an #EliteYelper a person must either be nominated by a current high-ranking member or be selected by the so-called “Elite Council” of each local Yelp chapter.

While becoming an #EliteYelper might not have the earth-shattering impact that some people indicated (“When I became Elite, the whole world opened up,” one member told the LA Times), it does offer an excuse to eat some free snacks and drinks in locations that are freshly opened or off-the-beaten path. Plus, you get to brag about being an #influencer.

Here’s a behind-the-curtain peek at some #YelpElite events, parties, and (semi-decent) SWAG as shared by its members on Twitter and Instagram.

Free brewery tours and booze

Gift bags, complete with “Yelp Life” gloves.

Complimentary pizza and “lobster”

Free dessert, hot dogs, Smashburgers, and more.

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