Yesterday, we announced the beginning of the Hot Dog Sessions, our monthlong residency at East Village cocktail bar PDT featuring collaboration hot dogs from some of our favorite chefs and artists. To kick things off in Week One, we’ve got food-rap legend Action Bronson and the Marea chef Michael White. Their limited-edition “Baby Blue Bronson” dog—bacon-wrapped, fried, and topped with gorgonzola dolce and cherry relish—will be available at PDT until May 10.

We caught up with Chef Bianco for a little background on how the collabo came together:


On joining forces with Action Bronson: “What do I have to do with Action Bronson? It’s like when two fu**ing worlds collide.”

On meeting Action for the first time: “I met him at Meatopia before he came out into the scene. He had just released Dr. Lecter, which was one of his first mixtapes. I grew up in Midwest, listening to hip-hop in the late ’80s and watching the genre grow.”

On Action’s style: “Action is one of the best in the business. He doesn’t have your typical hip-hop beats—he’s old-school. He’s a very engaging person. He really loves what he does.”

With this hot dog, it’s like you’re having a cheese course.

On conceptualizing the Baby Blue Bronson: “For our hot dog, we’re kind of applying stronger flavors, but balancing it out with cherry mostarda gastrique, so you get a little sweet and sour, and then this beefy hot dog. With this hot dog, it’s like you’re having a cheese course.”

On working with Bronson to perfect the recipe: “Action loves bacon, so we had to do bacon. It was a prerequisite. We talked it out—he’s such a good eater and has a great palate. These are all the things he wanted to have late night, but instead of a cheese course, but you can have a hot dog. It all made sense that way. Smoky bacon, gorgonzola, and flavors to counteract.”

On their competitive advantage in the Hot Dog Sessions: “Judging by the other participants, competition is stiff. But Action is my brother. I think I have a competitive edge on these other guys because we’re tight.”

On what makes them click in the kitchen: “He appreciates good food. He’s thoroughly excited whether he’s eating in Chinatown or at Marea. He loves the act of breaking bread at a table.”

Favorite Bronson food reference: “Wildin’ at Marea.”

Bucket-list hot dog: My go-to hot dog is Nathan’s all-beef kosher dogs. That’s how I roll. I always do onions relish and mustard. And sometimes I toast the bun too, but that’s only if I have time. It’s everything you want: good sodium level, skin, and they’re good when you boil or sear them.”


To taste the Baby Blue Bronson, head to PDT and look out for the special menu…