The first time we heard about the U.S. Forest Service was when we were kids; Smokey the Bear told us that only we could prevent forest fires. Unfortunately, we weren’t aware of the federal agency’s love of classic cocktails.

Back in 1974, the U.S. Forest Service made an incredible black-and-white cocktail guide. As adults, we can definitely see the appeal of mixing cocktails in the forest.

The lack of printing in full color presented the Forest Service with an extra challenge, but they figured out a clever way to make the guide detailed and thorough. Check out this intricately designed key—you can see the lack of color clearly didn’t matter. The liquors are instead coded by pattern.

cocktail 6

The agency also included a helpful guide to which garnishes go with what drinks—from spherical red cherries (with stem) to 1/8-inch-thick orange segments.

cocktail 5

Only the most classic of drinks are represented. If you prefer your martini shaken rather than stirred, you’ll need to look elsewhere. Likewise, if you think a rum & cola is equal parts rum & cola, this graphic would like to inform you that you’re wrong.

Check out the U.S. Forest Service cocktail-making instructions below, and learn how to make the perfect Gin Rickey, John Collins, and more. 

Whiskey Sour

cocktail 1


cocktail 2

John Collins (Same as Tom Collins)

cocktail 3

High Ball

cocktail 4

Rum & Cola

cocktail 7

Gin Rickey

cocktail 8


cocktail 10

[via the National Archives, Popular Mechanics]

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