Uber Toronto dropped the above campaign today. It’s a thoughtful idea by a company that’s seemingly in deep sh*t every other week.

Here’s what you need to know about it: The company has placed kiosks, developed with the help of agency Rethink and design-and-fabrication studio Stacklab, around Canada’s largest city. People who have been participating in libations around the 6 can then blow into these kiosks—they provide disposable straws, don’t worry—to see their BAC. The neat part is the kiosk doesn’t just tell people how sloshed they are—if a person blows over the legal driving limit, it’ll then call him/her an Uber to take home.

This is a very solid move from a company who’s aiming to take over the marketplace for after-drink transportation. But let’s call these magnanimous machines for what they are: catalysts for downing as many drinks as one can in a night. And why wouldn’t you if all you had to do was stagger outside and breathe into a straw to receive that crucial assist to get home?

There’s been no word about the campaign spreading to other major cities.

[via AdWeek]