Stumptown Coffee Roasters’ newest cold brew product is a nitro cold brew in a canSay what?

For the uninitiated, nitro cold brew is poured like a Guinness, which “helps to create tiny nitrogen bubbles and forces them into the cold brew using very controlled high pressure.” The result: an incredibly creamy mouthfeel, plus a dramatic cascading effect. Check it out:

The nitro cold brew first hit Stumptown cafes in June 2013. The Portland-based coffee company has previously released cold brew in mini-kegs and cartons—and now comes the can, which will accompany its already-popular glass-bottled “stubbies.”

Stumptown nitro cold brew will set you back between $5.00-$5.50 per can. ​The cans will be released in all Stumptown cafes starting today​, and will be available in​ grocery test markets like Southern California Whole Foods stores and New Seasons Markets in Oregon.

Here’s a great slow-mo vid of someone cracking a can of Nitro Cold Brew.

[via Sprudge]